Posted on Jul 2, 2020

Professional Governmental Underwriters, Inc.

Social Media Considerations for Public Officials

Government officials are increasingly engaging the public through social media platforms. From Facebook Live videos to posting links on Twitter to connecting with younger audiences via Instagram and Snapchat, social media has completely changed the way the public connects with its lawmakers and potential lawmakers.

But while social media can promote elements like stances on different issues, information on new policies, or promoting a brand, it can also expose the downside of being in the political spotlight. And now that social media use is considered to be state action, it’s important for political professionals to make sure they are using any and all social media platforms with the best intentions in mind.

While controversies surrounding social media use can pop up and stay alive online, there are still some practices that public officials can use in order to keep their digital name, their political reputation, and their personal reputation as intact as possible.
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